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Consultancy Services
Multiport provides a range of support services for SMSF trustees and their advisers.

These services are available without the necessity of using our ongoing administration services to allow you to utilise only those services that are necessary for your circumstances.

The key services provided under our Consultancy Services are:
  • SMSF Trust Deed Review Service
  • SMSF Trust Deed Amendment Service
  • SMSF Benefit Payment Service
  • SMSF Consulting & Support

SMSF Trust Deed Amendment Service

If a Trust Deed amendment is required to cater for new circumstances or to utilise new strategies, Multiport can provide a SMSF Trust Deed Amendment service to ensure that the process is carried out appropriately. The service includes the arrangement of the following:
  • Deed of Amendment (2 originals) with the replacement of articles;
  • Minutes of Trustees
  • Employer Consents to the amendment (if required);
  • Notices to Members of Trust Deed amendment;
  • Minutes of Meeting of Members to approve amendments;
  • Revised Product Disclosure Statement for each member; and
  • Death Benefit Nomination forms (if required)

To provide this service, Multiport will require a copy of the SMSF’s Trust Deed in its entirety as well as any subsequent amendments.

To download our SMSF Deed Variation form, click here

SMSF Benefit Payment Service
For SMSFs not using Multiport’s ongoing administration services, Multiport can assist you with the specific actions and documentation required when a SMSF is paying a benefit.

When a member elects to receive their benefit in the form of a pension or a lump sum then the necessary correspondence between the Trustee and Member needs to be in place to ensure the benefit taken reflects the condition of release satisfied. This will mean Trustee Minutes, confirmations to the Member and potentially a variety of tax calculations and reporting need to be carried out. This documentation and these calculations can be undertaken by Multiport.

In certain circumstances, an Actuarial Certificate may be required.

Multiport can ensure that all documentation and regulatory obligations are met through our SMSF Benefit Payment Service.

SMSF Consulting & Support
Multiport are able to provide general consulting and technical support services to trustees and advisers when required.

This service can include rectifying any identified compliance breaches, implementing irregular strategies, re-contribution strategies and other areas of superannuation that require specific technical consideration.

SMSF Consulting and Support services are generally available to SMSF Platinum and SMSF Platinum Extra clients as part of their ongoing administration service. Trustees and advisers not on these services can access the SMSF Consulting and Support services for an additional fee. Services are provided via telephone, facsimile, e-mail or face-to-face contact.

For more information regarding our SMSF Consultancy services, please contact our office.

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