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Multiport Annual Service
Multiport offers you the opportunity to outsource some or all of your compliance accounts and taxation returns for SMSF clients of Australian accounting firms. We are able to assist firms in meeting the increasing demands of their clients for reliable and timely service.

How it works
The Multiport team can augment the productivity and profitability of your practice by handling some or all of your compliance work. We provide a pool of staff resources who can deliver:
  • Financial Statements (including interim accounts)
  • Annual income tax returns (company/trust returns and related individuals)
  • SMSF financial statements and returns
  • Corporate compliance
All of this is done by qualified professionals with you retaining full control of your relationship with your client. Multiport simply do the compliance work – freeing your staff to work on higher-value areas of your client’s business or increasing your firms capacity to take on more clients.

This service includes:
  • Transaction Processing
  • Rollover Processing
  • Dividend Processing
  • Managed Fund Distribution Processing
  • Interest Income Processing
  • Corporate Actions
  • Corporate Trustee Maintenance
  • Transaction Compliance with Legislation
  • Maintenance of Trustee & Member records
  • Contribution Processing
  • Calculating & Reporting Benefits
  • Financial Statements
  • Preparation and Lodgement of Income Tax Return
  • Facilitation of Audit (if required)

Increase work capacity without having to hire extra staff
Multiport gives you the flexibility to deliver client work without the administrative and financial costs of recruiting and employing staff. With Multiport you can:
  • Avoid having to recruit, train and pay casual or temporary staff
  • Easily cope with peak periods
  • Avoid software costs for non-core services
  • Increase your service range without any increase in your fixed costs
  • Specialise in SME work while Multiport manages your SMSF work

By having Multiport look after time consuming compliance work, the practice can
  • Turn work around faster
  • Schedule work more efficiently with dependable delivery dates
  • Improve profitability – more profit for the firm per job
  • Reduce overhead costs – no recruitment, training, occupancy, super, leave, etc
  • Increase savings in infrastructure, software and hardware
  • Improve profits from company secretarial services

Improved staff satisfaction
With staff released from compliance work to focus on more interesting and profitable work, job satisfaction increases – with long term benefits to the partners and staff
  • Higher levels of staff retention
  • More opportunities for staff development
  • Significant reductions in HR and administration time and costs
  • More leisure time

Working with Multiport is easy
  • You meet with your client and determine the services they require
  • You decide which components you want Multiport to do – typically the compliance services
  • Your direct client supplies you with their source data
  • You download and complete a checklist, log-on to the secure Multiport Job Tracker system, and uploadyour clients files to the server
  • Once the work has been completed and reviewed you receive an email from Multiport notifying you ofthe availability of your clients files and work papers for downloading from the secure server
  • You download and review your clients completed files, reconciled working papers and supporting data.
  • You restore all the relevant data into your firms system before presenting back to your client – there’s no need to re-key any data.
Multiport use the same BGL software you use in your practice.

For more information call us on 1300 364 672

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is given in good faith and has been prepared from information believed to be accurate and reliable. This information is of general nature only and based on Multiport’s interpretation of the present laws but no guarantee is provided. This document is not designed to be a substitute for financial or investment advice and should not be relied upon as such. Reproduction of material in this document is only permitted with approval of the author.
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