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APRA Statistics provide a snapshot of the superannuation industry

APRA has released the data about the superannuation industry as at 30 June 2013. The superannuation industry has now reached $1.62 trillion up from $1.4 trillion at June 2012.

In relation to market share of the different sectors the break down is:

Corporate Super $61.7 billion 3.8%
Industry Super $323.2 billion 20.0%
Public Sector $256.8 billion 15.9%
Retail Super $422.4 billion 26.1%
SMSFs $505.5 billion 31.3%

The total number of SMSF is 509,729

When we look at the net rollovers for the June quarter we see the following pattern:

Corporate Super Negative $627 million
Industry Super Negative $347 million
Public Sector Negative $659 million
Retail Super Negative $145 million
SMSFs Positive $1.777 billion

This continues the pattern of significant movement from other sectors to SMSFs. For the year ended 31 June 2013 this totalled $7.464 billion a major increase on the $6.264 billion of the previous year.

Also of interest in the APRA space is that the direct investment holdings which include cash, deposits, equities and property holdings (this excludes amounts in external investment mandates and products) sits at $112.3 billion out of a total $1.06 trillion compared with $93.9 billion out of a total $913.6 billion at June 2012. This does not indicate a significant increase in the use of direct holding investment options.

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