Your Online Portfolio Administration Solution
SMSF Annual
An annual administration service for SMSFs that do not require daily administration and reporting. Multiport undertakes the administration annually and provides you with the files necessary to finalise the financial accounts and tax return. Lodgement of the fund’s tax return is carried out by you.

What you get

The list below outlines what you get from our SMSF Annual Service:

  • Transaction processing
  • Rollover processing
  • Dividend processing
  • Managed fund distribution processing
  • Interest income processing
  • Corporate actions
  • Corporate trustee maintenance
  • Pension processing
  • Contribution processing
  • Calculating and reporting benefits
  • Detailed investment reports
  • Facilitation of audit (if required)
  • Interim Accounts (also available, if required)

In addition, you will receive the following fully reconciled reports and working papers:

  • Financial statements
  • Preparation of Income Tax Return
  • Working papers
    – Journals
    – Investment transactions and values
    – Bank reconciliation
    – Other assets
    – Other liabilities
    – Provision for income tax
    – Investment income
  • Capital Gains Tax reports
    – Trust distributions
    – Dividends received
    – Interest received
    – Other income
    – Deductions and expenses
    – Member balances
  • Bank account statements
  • Trust Distribution notices

What It Costs

Multiport is a leader in lowering and simplifying SMSF administration fees. Our operational efficiencies allow us to keep our costs down – with the savings passed on to you and your clients. Please refer to the below price guide for our SMSF Annual Service fees which are determined by simple, medium and complex funds.

Fund Type  Cost per Annum1
Simple Fund A fund with 1 to 10 assets and no LRBA2, with all members in either accumulation or pension phase for the whole year. $990
Medium Fund A fund with 11 to 20 assets and no LRBA2, or 1 to 5 assets including a single LRBA2, and/or with members in both pension and accumulation phase during the year. $1,210
Complex Fund A fund not meeting the above criteria. From $1,760

1 Fees are as at 1 April 2012, GST inclusive and subject to change. Fees based on funds with a typical number of transactions for this level of assets.
Multiport reserves the right to negotiate a higher fee if excess transactions occur or where data collection is non-standard.
Note: Interim Accounts service available for simple, medium and complex funds at above-listed annual fees + 25%.

2 LRBA – Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement.

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